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Trident True (cont.)

What's old has become new

Adam had several special requests for features to be added to the console, some of which I had done to his Neotek Elan in his California studio. The new features included adding a buffered/balanced Mix Bus insert that could be switched to pre or post mix fader. A speaker switch that could accomodate 3 pairs of monitors. A rotary gain reduction switch for the Mix Bus Summing Amp and an additional balanced Mix Output to augment the original unbalanced sends. Of course the original electronics needed updating which included upgrading caps and opamps, along with rerouting some of the wiring to accomodate the new functions and to streamline the signal path.

In most cases, the original circuitry was left intact to maintain the sonic character. Components were upgraded as required to reduce the noise and distortion levels while providing a reliable piece of equipment to serve as the centerpiece for the studio.

Weird Science

Some of the oddities of the old Trident included ±20V power rails where the opamps are only rated at ±18V. I guess this provides a little more headroom at the risk of a blowing a few opamps (the opamps have sockets after all). Every output on the console, including the aux sends, have extremely low impedence output circuitry making use of hefty power transistors. This must have been how noise levels were kept low back in the day before the use of balanced circuitry became common.

Of course, back then they didn't have the luxury of the wide range of off-the-shelf components to pick from that we have today. However, with the quick pace of technology, the off-the-shelf discrete components that we've come to love may soon become extint. So it's probably a good thing to restore the vintage equipment while we can, before much of it is lost forever.

New Rock It Science Audio Master Module

Rock It Science Audio custom Master Module

There are four newly designed circuit boards contained in the module.

Rock It Science Audio Summing Bus Gain board

Notice the trim pots on the Gain Reduction board. These allow for precise calibration of left and right mix levels for for up to 6 different attenuation levels.

Rock It Science Audio 3-Way Speaker Switch module

The 3-Way speaker board allows for the use of a heavy-duty rotary switch. The multiple sets of contacts are used to ground unused speaker outs while one of three is selected.