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Trident True

New Brooklyn Studio gets a classic console

Those familiar with Trident consoles made in England in the 70s and 80s, know how sought after they are for their colorful sonic character. This console predates the more famous 80B, but is actually considered by some to be even more prized because of some unconventional design quirks, which where later omitted when the volume of production increased.

I have been doing custom studio work for Adam Lasus at his Studio City based facility for many years, and he often talked about building an East Coast studio to remain connected to the NYC music scene where he started out before moving west. The opportunity materialized in 2012 when together with a couple of New York partners, a budget was laid out, a location was secured, and work began on Room 17, a new studio built from the ground up in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn.

The plan was to create a hybrid Pro Tools/Vintage Analog based studio that featured a classic console and 24 Track tape machine, along with all the modern software one expects to find in a new facility. This would make it possible for Adam to move sessions back and forth, from East to West. To record bands in New York and mix them in LA.

A Console is found...

To keep the project within budget, the plan was to find an aging but classic console and totally restore it. Once the old Trident was purchased, I was hired to rebuild the master section here in LA, while a NYC based tech, Jeff DelBello, would handle restoration of the input section, tape return modules, and power supply on the his end. All the pieces of the console would be assembled and tested at Jeff's location while the studio construction was being completed.

To complicate matters, hurricane Sandy tore up the east coast while all this was going on. Fortunately, the studio was spared, but things were understandably delayed during the aftermath.

Vintage Late 70's Trident

Trident 80 series console at original location

The Trident at it's previous location. Notice the 2 blank panels left of the Master Section. One panel would become a 3rd new master module containing added features designed by Rock It Science Audio.

Vintage with Modern Amenities

ROOM 17 modified Trident 80 Series Console

The new location at Room 17 Studios in Brooklyn, NY. It's hard to see from this angle but the 3rd master module has a bunch of new knobs and switches.