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Summing Gain Module

Precision Calibrated Gain Control

Designed as a custom add-on for classic analog consoles, the Summing Gain Module is ideal for trimming back the gain of the mix bus summing amp when track levels begin to build up during the mixing process. When the bus meters are in the red, instead of adjusting the level of each channel, just turn one rotary switch and precisely reduce the summing gain level in increments of 3dB (or other user customized settings). This feature allows for added headroom at the most critical point in the signal chain.

Ever do a mix with a client group present, where everyone wants just a little more? You happily meet their requests, but notice the peak meters are working overtime. Instead of killing the vibe by mentioning that the levels are maxed and we've hit the limit, just grab the knob and dial back the summing gain 6dB, while simultaneously boosting the Monitor level without anyone even noticing, and just keep the party rolling.

Many classic consoles have some type of control for adjusting bus gain (not to be confused with the post-summing mix fader) but do not have the ability to make precisely calibrated resettable adjustments that maintain left-right integrity. With technical support from Rock It Science Audio, this module can be prewired and installed in most consoles, including ones that presently have no summing gain control at all.



Typical Panel Mount

Rock It Science Audio Summing Bus Gain module

Send us a blank panel and we'll mount it, or do it yourself if you choose.

Since these modules are custom designed for each particular console with many client options available, a consultation is necessary to work out the technical details. We can provide connectored cables and installation instructions based on schematics for your console Master Section, or you can send the Master Section to us and let us do the modification on our bench.

Field installations by Rock It Science Audio are only available in the immediate Los Angeles area, but we will happily work with a tech on your end.

A customized Summing Gain Module can be installed for as little as $500 depending on the amount of technical support required. Contact us for more details.