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Stereo Insert Module

Upgrade for Vintage Consoles

This was the first product to be developed by Rock It Science Audio back in 2005 to fill a client request to add a balanced and buffered stereo insert module to the mix bus on their console. The concept was inspired by an upgrade that we made at Martinsound as an option for Neotek consoles.

The original one pictured to the right was hand wired on perf-board and was installed in Steven Slate's Neotek Elite before being later replaced by one with a home-made etched circuit board. Several of these units were installed in the Los Angeles area and a few others in various US locations. The new units feature professionally manufactured double-sided plate-through fiberglass printed circuit boards with silkscreen.

These units are relatively easy to install in any console with an empty fader slot. They are normally wired pre fader (some are pre-post switchable) and send a signal to the patchbay with a return coming back for each channel. The switch engages or bypasses the insert function. The type of switch is by user preference and some include an active indicator LED.

We recommend that you send us a fader blank from your console that we can use to mount the module on.

Since these modules are custom designed for each particular console with many client options available, a consultation is necessary to work out the technical details. We can provide connectored cables and installation instructions based on schematics for your console Master Section.

Field installations by Rock It Science Audio are only available in the immediate Los Angeles area, but we will happily work with a tech on your end.

Original Stereo Insert Module

Rock It Science Audio Stereo Insert Module

New Version Stereo Insert Module

Rock It Science Audio Stereo Insert Module circuit board

A customized Stereo Insert Module can be installed for as little as $500 depending on the amount of technical support required. Contact us for more details.