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3-Way Speaker Switch Module

Upgrade for Vintage Consoles

Designed as a custom add-on for classic analog consoles, the 3-Way Speaker Switch Module provides the ability to switch between 3 pairs of monitor speakers, plus options including precise level trims for each speaker and subwoofer buffering and level setting for each speaker set.

Powered monitors and non-powered monitors have ways to adjust levels, and by walking back and forth from behind the console to the mix position enough times you can achieve an approximate balance between speaker sets. Now, imagine adjusting the levels from the mix position with a precision mic and SPL Meter, by inserting a small screwdriver into a hole in a module and tweaking a 20-turn pot to within a hundreth of a dB for each speaker. Forget about "close enough for Rock'n'Roll"... we're talking close enough for NASA.

The 3-Way Speaker Module provides the basic functions of grounding the inputs of the unused amps while selecting the desired speaker set, but also provides balanced impedance outputs to fully utilize the common mode noise rejection available with most balanced monitor inputs, but sadly lacking on many classic analog console speaker outputs.




Typical Panel Mount

Rock It Science Audio 3-Way Speaker Switch

Send us a blank panel and we'll mount it, or do it yourself if you choose.

Since these modules are custom designed for each particular console with many client options available, a consultation is necessary to work out the technical details. We can provide connectored cables and installation instructions based on schematics for your console Master Section, or you can send the Master Section to us and let us do the modification on our bench.

Field installations by Rock It Science Audio are only available in the immediate Los Angeles area, but we will happily work with a tech on your end.

A customized 3-Way Speaker Switch Module can be installed for as little as $600 depending on the amount of technical support required. Contact us for more details.